Cómo colaborar con los estudiantes

As with many aspects of online learning, collaborating and building a relationship with online students remains challenging. The distance between two individuals communicating in an asynchronous way can lead to detachments at times also misunderstandings. This means that the level of explanation and clarity of the message conveyed to students has a significant increase in importance.
The best method for creating a sense of collaboration with students is to continue to demonstrate your presence and challenge them. Students take the necessary time to place effort into the creation of their videos and assignments and this needs to be recognized through making a similar effort to provide them with feedback that not only provides a value added to their current execution of musical pieces but also sets a tone for continuing to challenge the student. With reciprocal effort, it is possible to demonstrate to the student that you are placing a considerable amount of emphasis on their learning and gain credibility as an attent and competent instructor.
Be certain to provide the correct feedback and culminate the feedback with a challenge that the student can take with them to continue to practice. Encourage them through the additional challenge to practice more and to continue to dedicate their time to the instrument. By doing so, a sense of collaboration and a closer tie is created between the instructor and the students.
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