Application of Techniques

Playing a string instrument involves learning not only how to play the instrument with the strings by plucking them, but also how to use all parts of the instrument to keep rhythm and make music. This is very important for the Cuatro and all cuatristas are able to make use of all features of the instrument to play their favorite pieces. Here is where the awareness that we have of what we actually do with our hands becomes even more important. Rhythm and effects given to songs can be kept with both hands and many students tend to forget this.

Practice is Key

In this course we will take a look at some basic patterns and additional techniques which you can apply to playing. Along side from this, we will take a look at the G Major and E Minor chords in different positions along with their associated chords. The expansion of your technique toolbox and the application of these techniques is a combination of more knowledge in terms of not only familiarizing yourself with other positions along the neck of the Cuatro, but also practicing some newly acquired skills. Make sure that you take every chance you have to practice the new skills on progressions, rhythms and songs you have learned. Remember: practice is key here and the application of techniques is up to where you want to include them.

Learning Objectives:

  • Play a basic Salsa pattern
  • Learn several new playing techniques
  • Master both G Major & E Minor along the neck


Application of Techniques

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  • Time: 4 weeks
  • Level: Basic
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Course Materials

Expande your techniques toolbox with new repiques, new chords and new songs. Videos and assignments reviewed by our teachers.

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