La Bandola: An Introduction (Free Course)

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The First Online Course for the Bandola

TuCuatro proudly presents the first systematic online course relating to it’s lowland cousin and the bass of the lowlands, the Bandola. This course has been developed by Yasuji D’Gucci who is a Bandolista from Japan. The purpose of this course is to introduce the Bandola and it’s teachings to the global audience and to make it available to all of those interested in this incredible instrument.

A Word From Bandolista Yasuji D’Gucci

“Hearty greetings from Japan”

Hello, everyone! My name is Yasuji D’Gucci. I am a Japanese Bandola player. I am very pleased to inaugurate the world’s first systematic online class for the Bandolas played in Venezuela and Colombia. I sincerely hope this course, designed through my objective standpoints and based on my learning & teaching experience as a foreigner will assist you with your Bandola studies.”

This course is complete complementary and will focus on an introduction to the Bandola. If you are a bass fanatic, then you will love the Bandola which is considered to be the bass of the lowlands of Venezuela & Colombia.

Yasuji Bandola

Convert Your Guitar Into A Bandola

If you do not have a Bandola but are interested in learning how to play, no problem! We include a small tutorial on how you can convert an acousit guitar into a Bandola so that you can go ahead and get started with learning the different techniques of this formidable instrument.

We hereby open the doors to the world of the Bandola!

A Very Warm Welcome To All Bandolistas


Completed the Introduction Course of the Bandola?

Start learning how to play this amazing instrument with our extensive Bandola Course for Beginners!

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Course Materials

Learn the history, parts and masters of Bandola, learn how to read tabs for Bandola and types of Bandola available.

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