Cuatro Courses at TuCuatro

TuCuatro offers online Cuatro courses in both English and Spanish, made by professional musicians and cuatro players (cuatristas) from all around the world.

These musicians have worked with us to create courses, lessons, and materials tailored to the need of Cuatro students. Each course showcases a particular set of techniques and strumming tips that are most needed to play the cuatro.

All the courses at TuCuatro are available for students around the globe. By registering an account at TuCuatro you can have access to all of them for free.

Cuatro courses at TuCuatro
To go through the courses you’ll need a Cuatro. Get a Cuatro here

Tuning the Cuatro is probably the first skill you want to have, it is for this reason that we recommend you start with the Introduction to the Cuatro Basics. We hope to be able to help you with the grounds and how to use and properly tune a cuatro.

As a result, once you have mastered the tuning process, you can start learning chords and strumming patterns, with the final objective of learning these songs you’ve always loved to sing.

Cuatro courses for free

The courses at TuCuatro will help you with this goal, by giving you a variety of tools and techniques to abord any song, even the most difficult ones.

You can take any course you like, these are free for you to access and in the order that most suit your skill level. We advise to take all courses in the same order they are exposed at our learning system if you’re just beginning, so you can learn the techniques from beginner to intermediate and ultimately reach an advanced level.

Enjoy the experience! We’re always open to questions or inquiries about the instrument and our musicians will gladly help you with anything you need. Just ask!