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Read the most relevant musical instruments news from our company and follow the activities that TuCuatro promotes every year.

  • Celebrating 10 years of TuCuatro
    For the past 10 years, TuCuatro has been at the forefront of pioneering how we learn to play the Venezuelan Cuatro. With an online learning portal dedicated to the teachings of the Venezuelan Cuatro, TuCuatro has built a solid foundation that has secured the future of the cuatro and it’s teachings on a global scale. … Read more
  • The Evolution of Cuatro Teaching Methodology
    Cuatro Classes Evolved National instruments such as the Cuatro are cultural artifacts which defines us to our very core. They are used to express ourselves and are present during bountiful times just as in moments of turmoil. In our not so distant past, the teachings of the Cuatro was severely restricted as it was limited to … Read more
  • Latin American Instrument Adopts a Japanese Soul
    ラテンアメリカの楽器が、日本の魂を採用 For many years the Venezuelan Cuatro or Colombian Cuatro as it is also referred to have been confined to the northern areas of Latin American as well as several Caribbean islands. As the instrument had begun to expand its presence throughout the continent as well as being brought to North America and Europe by … Read more

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