I’m a cuatro player from Venezuela. I was born in Caracas and started playing the cuatro since 6 years old.  My dad was my first teacher, and later I would be learning my first chords at school.    When I was 15 I decided to learn a few solo instrumental songs, so I dedicated about 9 months to the first one “Sin Rencor”, just to have it ready for the Gaita season in December.   It was a huge success and I got to play it for my school Gaita music group in front of everybody!

Later I would receive cuatro lessons with Luis Pino and Jorge Glem to become formally an instrumental cuatro player.  I got to teach cuatro at Centro Cultural Chacao and Centro de Capacitación Musical Teresa Carreño and later, in 2011, I decided it was time to create a website where people could go to learn how to play the cuatro,  I decided to call it TuCuatro.

Since 2012 I’m living Ottawa, Canada from where I keep organizing all TuCuatro teachers, luthiers and associates and keep aiming to create the world’s biggest interactive cuatro guide ever done.



LIVE: Grand Prix de la Guitare. Theatre Metropolis. Montreal, Canada – 2012


Baby Cuatro CD

BabyCuatro is a compilation of lullabies dedicated to my baby girl.  In 2015 I had the idea to create an album that could bring children closer to the sound of the cuatro meanwhile listening to lullabies.

BabyCuatro was born and since then I’m promoting using the album to create that special bond with the cuatro that later in life will make these children look forward learning this beautiful instrument.

Besides being my first album, BabyCuatro was also the first cuatro album ever to be crowdfunded in Kickstarter. 38 backers gave life to this project and received their digital or physical copies after the album was completed.  I will be eternally thankful to these people!

Do you have a special BabyCuatro code? Get in touch with me for more tracks and information by entering it here:



In 2011 I though it was going to be a cool idea to have a website where we could share videos showing tips and techniques to play the venezuelan cuatro.  Since its start in February of that year TuCuatro has gained enormous traction.  More than 30 thousand persons have registered to the site and 200 monthly students learn how to play the cuatro online, without ever leaving their living rooms!

It has been a ride! Now we are a few dozen of teachers and TuCuatro keep expanding trough the world.  We have recently opened the first and only cuatro store that sends instruments abroad with an elaborated and careful system that involves manufacturers, cuatro players and a truly wonderful TuCuatro team making available for a hundred people of receiving their dreamed cuatro in perfect conditions without ever trying it first!

I couldn’t be more proud of this project. With no doubt we keep revolutionizing the way the Cuatro is being learnt in the modern era…


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Cuatrista Adrian Toro. Foto: Rubenoit
Cuatrista Adrian Toro. Foto: Rubenoit