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Saturdays 10:00 – 15:00 CET (What Time is It?)

Online learning is a great way to learn how to play the Cuatro or Bandola, but sometimes we prefer a more conventional way of learning.

We are now offering the possibility to take private lessons with Darwin Medina who is one of the emerging artist in the world of the Cuatro. Where are these lessons being offered? From the comfort of your own home! The private lessons are offered through Skype or Google Hangout sessions and can be followed from any location.

Exploring Your Fretboard Public Demonstration

How are the classes lead?

Darwin Medina has a wealth of experience as an instructor and will first evaluate the level of his student. Based on the level and goal of the student, he will lead the lessons and orientate them towards achieving your goals as a Cuatro student. The lessons can be catered to your liking, whether you wish to learn a couple of rhythms, how to play a specific song or wish to improve your current skills, the classes will be specific to you.

Classes can be viewed in English or Spanish!

download (1)How do I book a lesson?

Lessons are purchased in packages of 4 hours. Typically each class has the duration of 1 hour, but this can be discussed with the instructor to be extended to 1.5 hours. After having purchased the 4 hour package, you will be contacted directly by our scheduling team to set up the first appointment. After direct contact has been established, then the instructor will organize the remaining lessons.

Cost of Lessons

The lessons offered are 25 USD per hour with a grant total of 4 hours per package.

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Special Offer:

By purchasing a 4 hour package of lessons with Darwin Medina, you will receive a complementary 1 month of TuCuatro membership to our Learning Program Courses!

Are you ready to take the next step in your Cuatro learning?