E Minor: 2nd & 3rd Positions

Exploring the different positions of the E Minor will enable you to play a variety of songs and follow a very popular progression for the Joropo Pajarillo. We will familiarize you with the different positions of the chords along the fretboard and the video will provide a demonstration not only of the different positions of this chord, but also for that of the I – IV – V progression.

E Minor: 1st, 2nd u0026amp; 3rd Position

E Minor 1st Position


E Minor 2nd Position

The E Minor in 2nd position we refer to here is the E Minor 6. This is a more commonly used E Minor chord in the 2nd position. There is also the E Minor in 2nd position which follows the patterns we review relating to the figure of D Minor. When playing progressions and switching between chords, making use of the E Minor 6 gives a much more richer sound and it is also easier to maneuver from chord to chord which are the main reasons for us making use of this chord.

E Minor 3rd Position

The third position of the E Minor chord can be a bit of a jumble for the fingers. This requires using the bar with the index finger followed by the index finger to mark the first string, the middle finger to mark the second string and finally the pinky to mark the third string. A great way to remember this chord is also to refer to it as a triangle (just like is done with one of the 7th chord positions). It can be rather uncomfortable at first, but the key is to be able to play this chord along with changing between the chords in other positions. This will improve your agility and ability to flow along the fretboard of the Cuatro.

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