F Major: Tonic, Subdominant & Dominant

The progression of I – IV – V for F Major consists of the following chords:

F Major




F Major: Tonic, Subdominant u0026amp; Dominant

As you can see, the chords necessary to mark get slightly more complicated. By now we are advancing through all of the chords and their compositions and your skills level should be getting to a level where you can execute the bar and move comfortably up and down the fretboard of the Cuatro. Be sure to practice this frequently as you will see that your agility will increase as your hand muscles will become more flexible. When practicing pick a rhythm of your choice and try out these three chords using the progression I – IV – V. Jam it!

Using the I – IV – V progression of F Major, execute the progression using a rhythm of your choice. Start off by saying which rhythm you are playing and then execute the I – IV – V progression repeating the V 2 times. Try to do the progression at least 4 times.

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