G Major: Tonic – Subdominant – Dominant

A little twist in the title, not to worry this is still about the famous tonic, subdominant and dominant notes relative to G Major. Following the same progression of I – IV – V as we have seen in other lessons from the other notes, take a closer look at how this is played in the video below:

G Major: I – IV – V

The chords played here are:

G Major

C Major



Try them out with your favorite rhythm and be sure to master them as we will use them in other courses and of course in many many songs you will learn along the way.

Time for some practice! Using an Up – Down – Up – Down strumming, play the dominant, subdominant and tonic chords of G Major. To make the piece more interesting, play the bar of D7 two times and one time for C and G.

Remember it is a good practice to record yourself playing and practicing. This way you can always come back to these videos in the future to compare and see how your technique is improving.

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