9 Amazing Venezuelan Cuatro Videos

Prepare your ears and be prepared to delight your eyes… You`re about to see the best cuatro performers, the stars of the cuatro, the cuatro players that has become the point of reference for all generations in our resume of the most 9 amazing Cuatro Videos found on internet:

Miguel Siso – San Rafael

Very well known in Venezuela because his style as cuatro player.  Fast movements and a rhythm perfectly coordinated are two of their characteristics as a cuatro soloist.

Jorge Polanco – Por una cabeza

Excellent cuatro player, very well experimented and with an amazing music sense.

Jorge Glem

Probably the best cuatro player that has ever existed.  Jorge Glem is globally known as the “cuatro astronaut”, he plays in the very well known cuatro group C4Trio and has been playing cuatro in more than 20 countries for the last 5  years.

Cheo Hurtado – San Rafael

Cheo Hurtado is the first and unique reference for cuatro. He brought to live the instrumental soloist style for this instrument and has more than 30 years playing the instrument.   His style has become the reference for young and new players all around the globe.

Marcel Montcourt – D minor solo

Marcel is the cuatro revelation. Started to get noticed as an age of 14, aproximately.  Now he`s one of the most well known cuatro players inside venezuela.  His youtube channel is full with videos interpreting diferent songs for cuatro.  World music, bolero, walts, salsa and even tango!


Carlos Capacho – La Bikina

Carlos Capacho is a cuatro star that also started to play very young.  His ability with the instrument is simply amazing and he`s one of the fastest executors that you probably see on your life. You cannot miss to see him playing:

Edward Ramirez – La Partida

Edward Ramirez is becoming the most well-educated cuatro player.  His background in music has made a great contribution on his playing style.  He uses major and minor scales as never seen before and keeps developing techniques that are unique for this instrument

Carlos Capacho – Waltz for Nicky

Carlos Capacho is simply so good that we had to put another video for you to see!!

Pollo Brito

Rafael Brito, most known as “Pollo” Brito is a TV star nowdays in venezuela. In his TV shows he has recreated almost every aspect of the venezuelan music, playing his cuatro live every day with different artists and personalities.  His support for the expansion of this instrument is simply unvaluable!

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