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Music is a universal language coming in many shapes and forms. It is a way of exercising the mind, body and soul all within the comfort of your own home. Many think this is mostly through listening to music, but being able to play the music with a subliminal instrument takes this experience to another level. Congratulations, for you have chosen the Cuatro as your medium to express yourself with music and create an incredible sound that impacts music lovers of all kinds. It is our pleasure to not only introduce you further to the sounds of the Cuatro, but also to learn about it’s origin, how is it played, what can you do with it and how it’s rhythms can tie into historical moments carried on through the legacy of the instrument.

The Cuatro is an instrument which used to be taught from generation to generation. The grandfather would teach the son, the son would teach the neighbor and the neighbor will play for his family. It is our goal as Cuatro players to offer the teachings of this incredible instrument not only to all of those who are interested, but worldwide. Learning about the Cuatro is the first step to be taken in the great journey into the world of this four stringed marvel.

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A New Kind of Sound – The Electric Cuatro

As with other music instruments, the Cuatro has also been exposed to the new age of innovation and interpretation by modern luthiers and artists. Here we are talking specifically about the Electric Cuatro played in the video below by She’s Alone band artist and Cuatro professor Abraham Sarache: Electric Cuatro Demonstration: “Promises” Abraham Sarache – She’s Alone There...
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Accompaniment Vs. Soloist

Accompaniment instruments and music are fantastic for either strumming away in your free time or playing in a band. This can be seen as a more basic or intermediate way of playing the Cuatro. Here you combine chords and strums to form excellent interpretations of songs and genres. Again, there are different levels of accompaniment...
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Luis Natera Teacher

Are there live lessons in TuCuatro?

From time to time we will be organizing live lessons. This has been a great success in the past where many students opt for participation, and we have a growing audience in YouTube who also enjoy watching the lessons and contributing in the form of comments and encouragement. The live sessions will always relate to...
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Can I use Ukulele interpretations with the Cuatro?

You can make use of Ukulele interpretations with the Cuatro. The resulting sounds can come across differently, but mainly as long as you make use of the same chords and the rhythm, then you can repeat what you play with the Cuatro. Translating interpretations is slightly different. It is not as easy as moving over...
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Venezuelan Cuatro

How can I buy a Cuatro?

So you are considering your first Cuatro….now what? There are so many choices out there, and it’s mostly knowing what to look for and more importantly, where to look for it. One of the reasons the Cuatro may be limited in making its appearances on stages around you is because of the availability of the...
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How do I get familiar with the Cuatro?

Learning how to play a musical instrument can be as complicated or as simple as we like. It all depends on how far it is that you would want to come. Some persons wish to learn some accompaniment songs, some chords and the ability to jam along. Others reach for the stars and try to...
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How do I know if a Cuatro is good?

Before buying an instrument, it is critical that you assure that the quality of the instrument is good enough and that it tunes correctly in all frets. Our teachers and musicians are constantly helping customers at the TuCuatro Store by reviewing each instrument to guarantee the quality of the sound.  One of the most used...
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How does a Cuatro Look Like and Sound?

The Cuatro is a four string distant cousin of the guitar which has evolved in the regions of Colombia and Venezuela. There are many relatives of the Cuatro as several string instruments have changed from the first guitars brought by the conquistadores in the 14th century. We will mention some more information about related instruments...
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How long does it take to learn to play the Cuatro?

For every instrument, there is a learning curve, and it does take time to familiarize yourself with the style of play. A common question is how long does it take to learn how to play the Cuatro, the answer is: It is entirely up to you! The most dedicated students who practice every day have...
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