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 TuCuatro is proud to be the most extensive learning network for the Venezuelan Cuatro and we also ensure that our students have the right instrument with which to play. Whether you are a learning beginner or an advancing professional looking to upgrade your cuatro, TuCuatro can assist with our extensive collection of instruments.

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TuCuatro guarantees the delivery of your instrument, and you also receive a complementary membership when you buy a cuatro with TuCuatro so you can learn with our Basic Courses. There’s simply nothing like this in the whole world!

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TuCuatro’s selection of premium instruments gives musicians a chance to experience the full projection and authenticity of the instrument.

Our professional team personally test and verifies every instrument so you receive a top quality product.

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TuCuatro offers you the opportunity to find the instrument of your dreams.

Indulge yourselves with the effects that only an exotic instrument can bring to you. 


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