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A Blues with Venezuelan Cuatro by Jorge Glem

This song is called “Er Blues” which is a way of saying “Tha Blues” on venezuelan slang.   Would be something like “THA blues” and it definitely deserves the capitalized letters, as the way the cuatro player Jorge Glem plays the cuatro is simply unbelievable.

There’s no moment when he stops for a pause or makes a movement a little bit less impressive.  It is a constant flush of adrenaline that we know for sure you’re going to enjoy a lot!

Now put your headphones and enjoy a good 9:40 minutes of blues with a venezuelan cuatro:

Introducing Carlos Capacho

Carlos Capacho is one of the cuatro players discovered by the contest “Siembra del Cuatro” which is held every year inside Venezuela.  He won the contest by showing his spectacular talent and impro capacity and from then he has become an icon of the venezuelan cuatro for many young learners.

He’s the first Venezuelan Cuatro Player studying music at Berklee.  Has held many concerts at this recognized music institution

His impressive musical career as soloist continues to get better and better as he advances trough the world showing his special technique to more and more misicians.

Carlos Capacho has developed an impressive musical career as soloist “Cuatro Venezuelan”. His command of Cuatro and impeccable technique has earned him the recognition of important musicians international and led him to explore various scenarios within and outside Venezuela. He is considered, in the opinion of experts, one of the best (Cuatro Player) performers internationally. Their music has allowed him to performances in different stages of the world such as Mexico, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, Colombia, China, Peru, France, United States, Holland, Portugal, Brazil.

Carlos Capacho earned a Gold Record and launched his album Evolution, which earned a Platinium Record in a jazz trio format.  In 2011 he became official member of  “Global Transformer” Young Leaders Global Shapers Created by the World Economic Forum based in Switzerland.

No doubt his Berklee experience will make him get a maturity that not other cuatro players has gotten before.  We will see this cuatro player become one of the best world musicians, and that is for sure!


You can see his Berklee profile as a student here and enjoy his music and videos:

Jorge glem “En el Cerrito” third CD on Cd Baby

Jorge Glem has released his new CD, named “En el Cerrito”.  This new project is the third one for this famous venezuelan cuatro soloist.  The CD is full of traditional music mixed with jazz and different tendencies of World Music.

Jorge Glem is one of the best cuatro soloist of the moment.  He’s one of the 3 cuatro players from C4 Trio and has been playing with Cesar Orozco, Kamarata Jazz, Marco Granados, EnCayapa, Alexis Cardenas, German Marcano, Edward Ramirez and many others.

The Cd is available on CD BABY and you can buy it and download inmediately 


You can buy it directly on CD BABY – Jorge Glem. This is a beautiful work that exposes the venezuelan music on a very different level.

The woody woodpecker – Venezuelan Cuatro

Jorge Glem playing with c4trio at the Berklee Performance Center

Venezuelan Cuatro player Jorge Glem plays in a group called C4Trio.  Very well known music group inside Venezuela.   Formed by 4 members, their most unusual characteristic is the fact that the group is conformed by 3 cuatros and a bass. (more…)

Learn a little bit more about the Venezuelan Cuatro

We found a well-written and interesting text on about the Venezuelan Cuatro.  We invite you to read it and to learn more about an instrument that have serve for developing new and wonderful music the last decade.

Here we reproduce the text, as it was published by Kim Johnson, for you to enjoy the history of an instrument that’s changing the way we see folk music. (more…)

Keep listening to musicians and players you like

We cannot stress how important it is to keep listening to the music played with the instrument you want to learn.  It is true that one of the best ways of accelerating your learning is to dedicate hours and hours of practice, but it is also very important to be focused on discovering tricks and techniques that other musicians are already doing.