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TuCuatro is a portal where students can learn how to play Folkloric and Exotic Instruments (Venezuelan Cuatro, Ukulele, Bandola Llanera, Cavaquinho, etc). Starting as an initiative by Venezuelan Cuatristas, we have dedicated ourselves to assisting and facilitating persons from all nationalities with a means to learn to play the music instrument they love. As a team, we are made up of musicians, innovators and e-learning specialists who are dedicated the teachings of all aspects of these exotic instruments.

We are an international team of professionals and musicians who all share one thing in common… our love for folkloric instruments, like the Cuatro. Our main focus is to share the joys the instrument brings to those who play it to all new musicians. The Cuatro, as well as other less known instruments, has come a long way from being a clandestine instrument and it may still be rather new to many. Please feel free to contact us through our various communication channels and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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  • Sadly given the turmoil in Venezuela shipments are taking longer than usual but the folks at Tu Cuatro came thru and worked around the problem and saved the day. What amazing customer service only to be out done be the wonderful quality of the Cuatro.
    I am anxious to begin lessons playing Venezuelan melodies which will bring back the memories of a happier time in Venezuela

    Thank you

    Maryland, United States
  • (Cuatro Purchaser): “Killer Cuatro! A beautiful instrument and very well made, highly recommend to anyone looking for quality cuatro at a reasonable price. Five stars.”

    Julie H.
    Iowa, United States
  • “I am looking forward to receiving the cuatro. My partner has talked about getting a cuatro for over 6 years and yet she never got it. This cuatro is an anniversary present which I’m sure she will be thrilled for.”

    Fort Lauderdale, United States