Anna Zayats, Balalaika player performs “Cassiopeia” composition

For all the Balalaika music lovers! Today we invite you to listen to this beautiful instrumental Balalaika composition called “Cassiopeia”, by the musician Anna Zayats.

Anna Zayats, Balalaika player
Anna Zayats, Balalaika player

Enjoy this beautiful musical piece by master musician Anna Zayats called “Cassiopeia”, played with a Balalaika, a traditional instrument from Russia, that we also like here at TuCuatro, given that is as exotic as many of the instruments we teach at our online system.

Our team has put together some material about the balalaika in Spanish, we invite you to access the Balalaika area at TuCuatro to learn more about this rare instrument.

The Balalaika is so rare that even in this modern world, with youtube and all the access to information that we have, it is still rare to see well-recorded videos with this instrument. 

Also, concerts are not common in North and South America, except in local Russian communities, neither are Balalaika compositions common, so this is a beautiful opportunity to listen and enjoy pure music from Balalaika heaven!

Do you like the sound of a Balalaika composition? This is an amazing instrument with a lot of potentials to be used in many different musical genres. You can read more about this amazing musical instrument by going to Wikipedia.

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