Now you will be able to buy your Bandola Llanera online!

The bandola is an extraordinary instrument from Los Llanos, a sector found in Venezuela and Colombia. Until now, the Bandola has been an inaccessible instrument, and thanks to the efforts of conservationists and luthiers; we are now proud to offer this magnificent instrument throughout our webshop for you to buy your first Bandola Llanera.

Get Your Bandola Package & Learn How To Play Right Away!


Bandola Llanera Learning Package

TuCuatro is now presenting a specific learning package for the Bandola Llanera which includes:

  • Bandola Llanera (beginners, intermediate, or advanced)
  • TuCuatro’s Online Bandola Llanera course

World’s First Online Bandola Course

Why buy a Bandola Llanera with TuCuatro?

TuCuatro is an organization dedicated to the Venezuelan Cuatro and Bandola Llanera.  Founded in Venezuela and created by real Cuatristas and South America Musicians and Professionals, TuCuatro has grown to an international presence in Canada, the Netherlands, United States, and most recently Japan.

TuCuatro guarantees the shipment of your Bandola until you receive it safely in your home or office.  With a well established logistical chain, we ensure that all of our products reach their destinations and allow customers to make purchases from a trusted well-established organization.

If you happen to have any questions or wish to have more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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