Si deseas aprender el Ritmo de Gaita y cómo adornar los acordes de una canción, fíjate en este ejemplo que nos trae eddy19639 para Cuatro Venezolano.  Agarra tu cuatro y siéntate con calma a sacar los acordes tal como los enseña este video en Youtube:

El mismo ritmo y los adornos se pueden aplicar a otras canciones de gaita.  Ya queda de tu parte la práctica constante y aprender nuevas canciones para poder perfeccionarlo

y luego.. ¡a tocar!

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    1. , the whole point of a large flared end is to give the intuesmrnt that real bright trumpet sound. In fact, if you have just one drone you don’t necessarily want it to blend well with the chanter, it might be better if it is loud and brash so that you can hear it. Do you play highland pipes? Ever shut of both of your tenors? Not much drone going on from just the bass. Putting that flare on the end of the drone helps to increase its volume and also makes the timber brighter. My personal preference is to make a compromise between the two. I make a large chamber but the build of the chamber is such that there is still a flare effect. The wood I use for the drone termination is 3 (all the sets pictured on my site are that size) If you want to 4 there would be no problem but 5 and greater would require either some pricey cuts of wood or gluing two thinner pieces together not a problem to build but there would be more time involved to make it happen.I hope that answers your question!-Richard

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