Can I use Ukulele interpretations with the Cuatro?

You can make use of Ukulele interpretations with the Cuatro. The resulting sounds can come across differently, but mainly as long as you make use of the same chords and the rhythm, then you can repeat what you play with the Cuatro. Translating interpretations is slightly different.

It is not as easy as moving over a couple of frets, but it is easy to see how we come to this conclusion. The traditional tuning of the Ukulele is (G – C – E – A), and the tuning of the Cuatro is (A – D – F# – B). Everything is one tone lower than the Cuatro; in fact, the Ukulele can be tuned the same as the Cuatro! If you are a Uke player or have some music for the Uke, give it a try with the Cuatro!