Do you play Cavaquinho? Learn the lyrics and chords of your favorite Brazilian songs and play genres like Samba, Bossa with your Cavaquinho.

All songs at TuCuatro show the chord figures for various instruments, including the Cavaquinho, so be sure to select your instrument before you start learning the lyrics and chords for a specific song.

Do you need to learn a chord for the Cavaquinho?

If you want to check how to do a specific chord, you can use our Cavaquinho Chord Calculator here.

Cavaquinho Songs

Do you want to learn how to play?

TuCuatro can teach you how to play the instrument you love.  Visit our Courses page to get an idea of how to enroll in a course and start learning today!

Also be sure to check out our Cavaquinho store at TuCuatro where you will be able to find and purchase your next cavaquinho, shipping worldwide!

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