How to upload your own song lyrics to TuCuatro?

How to upload your own song lyrics to TuCuatro?

If you know the lyrics and chords for a song you can upload it by using our upload song tool at our website. This upload tool is available for anybody with a free account.

This is a very useful resource that our TuCuatro musicians and teachers have been using to create material for our students.

Now it is available for everybody who wants to upload lyrics and chords for a song of the know.

Where should I go to upload a song?

In the link below you will have access to upload as many songs you want, you only need to use your TuCuatro account to be able to access the song upload feature:


You just have to copy the lyrics in the form and then start adding the courts on top of each word

You are in total control of your songs. If you upload a song and you want to later edit the lyrics or chords, you can do so by clicking on it.

What about if I don’t know the chords?

If you don’t know the chords avail song, you can still upload the lyrics and use the link to share it with at TuCuatro musician or teacher.

Then, one of our musicians can add the chords for you.

What to do after the song is uploaded?

After you upload a song, a URL will be created for this song. You can use it to share on any social media or to send this song by email.

What are you waiting for? Try it now, upload any song you know and see how it works.

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