Dont use a cheap instrument, buy a nicer one

If you really like the sound of a particular exotic instrument you should start thinking about buying a new one for yourself.  Most of the people starts playing these instruments with an old one that was sitting around the house for a while .

Normally these instruments sitting around someone’s house are cheap and have poor quality.  The problem on regarding these instruments is that they probably don’t have sufficient quality to give you a good and clear sound, so you’ll always feel like the sound you’re able to produce with these instruments is poor and not pleasant.

There are a few ways of detecting if an instrument is work keeping or if you better try to find a new one for yourself.  One of these ways is by looking at the type of pegs the instrument has.  Pegs should at least be made with metal elements on it.  If your instrument is having, for example, wooden pegs, it is probably a cheap instrument, and we wouldn’t say this for 100% of instruments with wooden pegs, as there are many beautiful and great pieces constructed by artisans that are worth a fortune! but in most cases a wooden peg is a clear signal of a poor construction.

You should, at least, expect to see something like this in your stringed instrument:

PB Cuatro cedro 17 trates con mic 03

If you buy a good quality instrument, you’ll find yourself sooner than later practising more and more and showing much more enthusiasm towars your learning.  So start searching for a nicer instrument, there are lots of them on internet, ebay, or even on the most trusted ecoomerce store online: Amazon

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