How long does it take to learn to play the Cuatro?

There is a learning curve for every instrument, cuatro, guitar, ukulele, etc.. It does take time to familiarize yourself with the style of play. A common question is how long does it take to learn to play the Cuatro? Well, the answer is: It is entirely up to you! The most dedicated students who practice daily have the best results, no matter which instrument they play. It could be the cuatro, guitar, bandola, mandolin, or any other instrument, if you dedicate sufficient time to practicing, you’ll become very good at it.

It is essential to be dedicated and persistent and to keep studying the materials provided. Also, listen to music, composers, cuatristas, and accompaniment music. Try to get a good feel for your preferred style of music and try to make it happen on your Cuatro.

Cuatro at TuCuatro - Online system to learn how to play cuatro
Cuatro at TuCuatro – Online system to learn how to play cuatro

What about Guitar players learning another instrument like cuatro?

Musicians that already know how to play guitar will find it easier to learn to play another instrument like cuatro. Playing the cuatro is like playing the guitar that only had the first four strings on it and tuned in a lower note.

 In the case that you already play guitar, feel free to go directly to our song section and search for the songs you want to learn to play. You’ll find it easy to accommodate to the new chord positions.

We here at TuCuatro will guide you as much as possible and provide you with all the tools. Now, you have to consider that it is your fingers that will do all of the work. Don’t worry, we are in this together along with the rest of the community and will make it happen.

Typically, for a beginner to get at a decent level, it will take six months to learn the basics of the cuatro followed by exponential growth every six months after. As we’ve mentioned, It’s basically the same with the Cuatro, Guitar or any string instrument you want to learn. You will see when you start to play, try to keep practicing and the most important thing is to enjoy the music!!

If you have a request, just let us know, and we will attend to you in any way we can.

The practice is critical whenever learning how to play any musical instrument. The more you practice, the better you get, and the further your ability will progress.

Students learning how to play cuatro after 4/6/8 weeks

Nowadays we have many tools at our disposal which can be made use of to help us progress as musicians. The essential tools are relating to methods of how you can record yourself. When learning how to play an instrument with a teacher, we can directly get feedback from the instructor. Mostly we would have an audience who can give us feedback, listen to music, and provide tips on how to improve.

Have a look at these videos by our students on our site. They have elected to share what they have learned using the TuCuatro methodology:

Spanish Beginner Student 4 Weeks

Venezuelan Intermediate Student 8 Weeks

American Intermediate Student 16 Weeks

Since learning with TuCuatro is online, it is essential to have an audience that can give you feedback. For this to work, it is highly important that your progress is recorded. Make use of any camera, be it a webcam or the one on your cellphone and make a recording of your songs or exercises. This recording can be anything at all relating to how you play your instrument. Then upload the video to YouTube and share it with our TuCuatro community for feedback.

By doing this, students will provide you with encouraging comments, and we have a policy whereby the instructors must give constructive feedback. It is not only a great way to track your progress as time goes by, but it is also great for other students who can learn from you.

So pick up your Cuatro (if you still don’t have one you can purchase a Cuatro here), learn a little something, record it, share and improve!!

If you feel like learning a new technique, we invite you to our cuatro courses section to pick the course that better applies to your skill level.

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