How to open an account at TuCuatro

Congrats on the purchasing of your brand new Instrument!

You’re now ready to become part of a vibrant community. There are only three steps to follow (you may not need to do all three if you already visited the site or purchase directly from it)

These steps are:

1. Opening an Account at TuCuatro

bblackIf you have not yet registered, your first step is merely to open your account using your preferred email.

You can also log in at our website using your social media information. Just visit the following link and decide how you want to register:


2. Activating your Membership

After you have an username, we will take care of activating the correspondent memberships for it so you can start going through our Learning Program.  Please write to us at info@tucuatro.com and we will proceed to do so.

3. Studying with our Learning Program

TuCuatro CoursesThe Learning Program consists of a conglomerate of courses that we consider are mean to be the foundation of every player.  Go through these courses, and you’ll be viewed as a Cuatro Player with a well-defined basic knowledge of rhythms, genres, and Cuatro techniques.

At TuCuatro we offer our Learning Program in both English and Spanish.  There are many differences in the way the content is presented, as we’re assuming Spanish speakers have a better background on regarding folkloric music from South America.

You’re welcome to choose the language you prefer.  We treat each language as a different site, so once you decide, you’ll receive notifications, course updates, and emails in that specific language.

You’ll have a 2-year membership approved to navigate the Learning Program; this is more than enough time to profit of our courses, interact with teachers, upload assignments, approve quizzes and improve your technique.  We calculate that the full learning program can be done in 8 months, so don’t rush and concentrate on learning each technique right.

Enjoy the ride!

We hope you enjoy the time here with us and we hope our relationship grows and becomes strong. You’re now part of our cuatro community; an extraordinary bond unites us: the instrument we all love!

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