I Don’t Have a Venezuelan Cuatro and Have No Clue How To Get One

If you do not have one yet and don’t have an idea on how to get a cuatro, we are here to help. The Cuatro is a folkloric musical instrument that has seen a rise in popularity in the past two decades. More musicians than ever are playing the instrument, and we’re there for the whole time. Our musicians and cuatro players, born and raised in the cuatro culture, have been able to witness this change.

We know this musical instrument head to toes. Our team can differentiate a good quality cuatro from one with poor construction standards miles away. They sniff, smell, taste, and breathe Cuatro like no one else. So, if you are interested in purchasing this beautiful exotic musical instrument, make sure that you contact us. We have our network of distributors, professional musicians, artisans, and luthiers around the world. We’re sure we will be able to help you source a Cuatro suited for your needs.

Cuatros from a Luthier

how to get a luthier cuatro

If you wish to have a long term commitment and would like to have an instrument specially made for you, we recommend a luthier cuatro. We will be more than happy to make the necessary arrangements for this with one of our luthiers associated with TuCuatro. Make sure you contact us for help relating to this.

These luthiers take their time creating a wonderful piece for you. So, for this reason, estimate that you’ll receive a Cuatro tailored for you in the following 6 months after placing an order with them.

Cuatros from our Manufacturers

how to get a manufactured cuatro

If you want a Cuatro right now, the manufacturers associated to TuCuatro are here to help.

We can source a Cuatro from a manufacturer right after you place an order and it usually only takes about 5 to 10 days to arrive anywhere in the world.

These cuatros are of good quality and our team takes the job of testing them individually. We do have the basic standard musical instruments, recommended for students and beginners. Also, we offer the Premium concert musical instruments, ideal for musicians that are looking for a better sound and feel.

In South America is pretty easy to get a Cuatro, most of the musical stores carry inventory and local people are able to just assist the store and buy one.

The situation is widely different for people living in North America or Europe. In these regions, the Cuatro is non-existent, and most musical stores don’t carry inventory. At TuCuatro, we’ve created an online store with the main purpose of surpassing this difficulty. Now musicians and aficionados can get a Cuatro, no matter where they are located in the world.

At the moment the Venezuelan Cuatro is not as widely available as instruments such as the Ukulele. Nevertheless, the popularity of the instrument is increasing wildly! To the point where it is getting wide recognition inside many musicians’ communities!

Visit Our Webshop and find your next instrument!

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Our TuCuatro store is available online for you to see the musical instruments that are available for immediate shipping or customized orders. We’ve been shipping cuatros overseas for more than a decade and are proud to be able to offer the traditional folkloric instruments from our regions to the world.

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