How to choose the ideal instrument: Learn about classifications at TuCuatro

How to choose the ideal instrument?

It could be tricky to choose an instrument from a variety when you have to consider so many factors, like the type of woods, the quality of work of a manufacturer, the sound that the instrument produces, etc.  That’s why we want you to know how we’ve divided the type of instruments that we offer at our TuCuatro’s Store.

By Manufacturer

At TuCuatro we have divided the manufactures into three groups as follows:




The Student Cuatros are mass production, manufactured by companies where the makers are not specially attentive about the quality of the pieces or details in the woods for each instruments. They can produce hundreds of units per month.

The Premium Cuatros are manufactured by an instrument maker working from his workshop with some to good experience and years of practice, they are not perfect but of a high quality, as these makers are in their way to become recognized luthiers in a near future.

The Luthier Cuatros are pieces of art created by luthiers with decades of experience that are extremely attentive to each one of the details, small or large, for each piece they create. They only ship the best of the best and can take up to 6 months manufacturing one unit.

By Woods

During the years, our musicians at TuCuatro have developed a taste for certain woods.  We have assembled a list of woods also divided by three groups, these are as follows:



High Performance

  • Cedar
  • Pine
  • Mahogany
  • Tuke
  • Wuenge
  • Saman
  • Abeto
  • Canalete
  • Roble Maria
  • Palo Santo de la India
  • Nogal

The Basic Woods tend to produce a more brilliant sound, less colourful and are ideal for beginner musicians that want to use the instrument for practicing or accompanying a singer

The Premium Woods are of a better sound, more round and colourful and are ideal for intermediate to professional musicians in the search for an instrument that can be use on stage for concerts or events.

The High Performance woods are ideal for professional musicians wanting to get to a studio to record their songs, as they produce a more deep and powerful kind of sound.

It all depends at the end of the attention to detail that the maker of the instrument adds to his work. A high performance wood doesn’t guarantee the quality of the sound if the instrument is not well manufactured or was made with errors on the measurements.

Also, as a covenant, the classification made by TuCuatro is in no way a theoretical one, where studies would be needed to reach to these conclusions.  It comes from the day to day operations of our teachers and musicians, their tastes and preferences and the experience obtained by them during their musician’s careers. At the end of the day, an instrument made with mahogany could sound as good or even better than an instrument made with Roble Maria.