List of string instruments that you can learn at to Quattro

TuCuatro is the best place to learn how to play exotic instruments. We have included a variety of instruments and are expanding our list every month. Feel free to navigate through our learning programs, where you will find a guide of all courses that we recommend for each level.

We know you’re eager to learn another string instrument. We are here to help you with selecting your new musical instrument with this list of string instruments that we have available for you.

you will use have to choose the string instrument that it’s more appealing to you and you will be ready to start the adventure.

Choose the instrument you want to play

Many more instruments to come! Go ahead and navigate our site to discover your new love…

this list of string instruments reflects the courses that have been made available by our teachers. Nevertheless, we recommend you to head to our courses pages, where you can find all the courses that are available for D’s in many other aspects, as our teachers continue to create courses for their instruments every month.