Introducing Carlos Capacho

Introducing Carlos Capacho

Carlos Capacho is one of the cuatro players discovered by the contest “Siembra del Cuatro” which is held every year in Venezuela.  He won the contest by showing his spectacular talent and impro capacity and from then he has become an icon of the Venezuelan cuatro for many young learners.

He’s the first Venezuelan Cuatro Player studying music at Berklee.  Has held many concerts at this recognized music institution

His impressive musical career as a soloist continues to get better and better as he advances trough the world showing his special technique to more and more musicians.

Carlos Capacho has developed an impressive musical career as soloist “Cuatro Venezuelan”. His command of Cuatro and impeccable technique has earned him the recognition of important musicians international and led him to explore various scenarios within and outside Venezuela. He is considered, in the opinion of experts, one of the best (Cuatro Player) performers internationally. Their music has allowed him to performances in different stages of the world such as Mexico, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, Colombia, China, Peru, France, United States, Holland, Portugal, Brazil.

Carlos Capacho earned a Gold Record and launched his album Evolution, which earned a Platinium Record in a jazz trio format.  In 2011 he became official member of  “Global Transformer” Young Leaders Global Shapers Created by the World Economic Forum based in Switzerland.

No doubt his Berklee experience will make him get a maturity that not other cuatro players has gotten before.  We will see this cuatro player become one of the best world musicians, and that is for sure!

You can see his Berklee profile as a student here and enjoy his music and videos.

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