Jorge Glem playing with c4trio at the Berklee Performance Center

Jorge Glem playing with c4trio at the Berklee Performance Center

In 2010, C4Trio made an appearance at the Berklee Performance Center where they played a variety of music for about an hour demonstrating how versatile the Cuatro can be when played with skill and passion. The result was mesmerizing and unforgettable.

The show was hosted in the famous Berklee Performance Center in Boston, United States. It’s not surprising that the group has such a strong reputation – their performance showcased their incredible talent and musical knowledge as they expertly maneuvered through classic songs and melodies. It’s no wonder that fans always leave their concerts feeling thrilled.

Do you want to see this performance for yourself? Just watch and enjoy as Jorge Glem along with his fellow C4Trio members take command of the stage with their passionate playing:

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