Keep listening to musicians and players you like

We cannot stress how important it is to keep listening to the music played with the instrument you want to learn.  It is true that one of the best ways of accelerating your learning is to dedicate hours and hours of practice, but it is also very important to be focused on discovering tricks and techniques that other musicians are already doing.

You can achieve this if you keep listening music from great musicians that you admire.  The good thing is that this is easy and fun to do and you can do it everywhere and almost all day long.

Keep listening to the songs you want to learn or you wish you could play.  Repeat them thousands of times per day (we’re not exaggerating.. thousands of times per day!).  This will allow your brain to absorb as much information as possible about each little detail of each song.   After you listen to a son a few hundreds of times, you’ll notice that you start listening to sounds that were not noticeable before, after repeating a song for that much, your brain will automatically filter out the repetition and you will start listening to notes, scales, details that were hidden and only available to the ones who are brave enough to do do this.

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