Learn a technique to play difficult songs when you’re a begginer

The first and easiest way of learning a new song on the Venezuelan Cuatro is just to copy another cuatro player style.  For some people this would be against normal sense (you should have your own stlye) but how you´re supose to do this if you´re just starting! 

Techniques are difficult to master, but more difficult to invent, so don´t try to reinvent the wheel.  If you intend to develop your technique around the instrument you love and if you want to play beautiful songs, just jump into listening to the best musicians around. You’ll soon copy their technique and make it yours.

Take your time to build a list of your favorite players and stream that music day and night.  If, for example, you’re looking forward to master an exotic instrument like the Ukulele, be sure to include artists like Jake Shimabukuro, or if the instrument you love is a Cuatro, stream musicians like Jorge Glem or Rafael Pollo Brito.   Like the guitar and want to learn chill solos? Metallica, U2, Maroon are for you.

By listening to their music constantly, you’ll start recognizing patterns and will be better prepare to learn the techniques they use.  It would be just a matter of time before you start to copy their style meanwhile you practice.

Who said copying music styles was not good?  Go ahead and walk that path, learn how they did it and soon you will the one inventing new techniques for others to learn!