Learn how to play cuatro songs with tabs

Tabs are fundamental for learning new songs in almost every instrument.  Musically speaking, tabs are a nice and clean way of learning a solo or an introduction without the hardness of pentagrams.

If there is one thing you would choose to learn for an instrument like a Cuatro, this would be it!  The possibility of learning new songs, solos and intros of every kind of genre is one big benefit of learning how to read musical scales and tabs.

The Cuatro has the same tuning pattern than the four last strings of the guitar, so if you already know how to play guitar, this would may be easy for you to learn, as regardless not being the exact same tuning, you´ll be able of repeating the same finger pattern with the Cuatro.

Tabs are easy to read. You just have to know a few things.  In the case of an instrument link the cuatro, there are 4 lines that represents its fours strings.

B ——————————————————————-
F# —————————————————————–
D ——————————————————————-
A ——————————————————————-

Normally you’ll see a tab with no tuning indication, just assume is made for cuatro or ukulele if it is only having four strings:

 |                       |                          |                          |
 |                       |                          |                          |
 |                       |                          |                          |
 |                       |                          |                          |

For each line, you will be able to see which frets you should press and in which order, to be able to play the desired melody. For example:

 |                       |                          |                          |
 |                   0 1 | 2 3 2 1 0                |                          |
 |           0 1 2 3     |           3 2 1 0        |                          |
 | 0 1 2 3 4             |                   4 3 2 1| 0                        |

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