Learn to play the song “Sin Rencor”. A Venezuelan Gaita

Sin rencor is one of the most famous songs from the venezuelan folklore.  It is a genre very typical from Maracaibo, Venezuela named “Gaita”.  And originally it´s played with a Venezuelan Cuatro, a Venezuelan “tambora” and other minor percussion.

This song was written by Neguito Borjas, a famous singer in Venezuelan, considered by many an specialist on the genre.

Learn how to play it with your venezuelan cuatro with this video tutorial.  We´ll review every line of the song for you to play it as it is shown in the video.

Video Tutoria – Sin Rencor. Neguito Borjas.

Venezuelan Cuatro chords

The audio from this video is in spanish so first thing you want to do is to click on the CC (closed captions) on the youtube window and select ENGLISH or EN so you can read the traslation as the video goes on.

If you want to check the songs, as they are shown in the video, go to the webpage MiCuatro.Com and you´ll find this same song (spanish)

The most important thing about this video tutorial is the fact that you´ll learn how to read a venezuelan score for cuatro.  The scores are always missing the bars, so it´s somewhat difficult to know how many times you have to do a chord.

So you´ll learn to know how many chords and bars are in each line of the score and how many times you have to do it.  As you´ll estimate by logic how to know the right chord´s number.

Enjoy it!

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