Cuatro Tracks

Title (sort)
Style (sort)
Key (sort)
BPM (sort)
Altered Stormy Blues A 55
Chicago Flurry Blues A 60
Snoopy Blues A 76
Chuck’s Blues Blues A 80
Allman Butter Blues A 108
Compin’ Blues A 110
4 On The Floor 1 Blues A 116
Beatnick with Fries Blues A 128
Blue Note Blues A 132
Boogie Woogie Blues A 163
Burrell Ave Blues Am 69
Hot Shot Blues Am 110
4 On The Floor 2 Blues Am 116
The Bossa Blues Am 120
Holy Grayle Blues Bb 66
Swamp Burger Blues Bb 104
Slinky Blues Bm 76
Uh Huh Blues Bm 86
Tex Message Blues C 60
Down Home Blues C 88
Hound Dave Blues C 100
Tex Message 2 Blues C 120
Rock Burger Blues C 128
Mickey D’s Swing Blues C 200
Mu0026amp;M Blues Blues Cm 62
Slow Cooked Blues Blues D 58
Conga Stride Blues D 84
Greasy Burger Blues D 92
Soul Sauce Blues D 92
Shuffle Dee-Do Blues D 100
Boogaloo Blues D 114
Blues for Symmy Blues D 130
Rolling Stoned Blues E 60
Whole Lotta Page Blues E 80
Aww Ye-aah Blues E 104
Honeybeez Blues E 110
SRV Shuffle Blues E 115
Lambusta Blues E 128
Eric’s Turn Blues E 132
Boom Boom Baby Blues E 163
Blue Chicken Blues Eb 152
BT Riffin Blues Em 116
Meter Maid Blues F 96
Lone Star Blues F 144
Lounge Lizard Blues G 72
Pullin’ a Wilson Blues G 84
Trippin’ Muddy Blues G 96
Gee Whiz Blues G 100
Movin’ On Up Blues G 100
22 Hooker Blues G 114
Sliding Doublestops Blues G 115
Muscle Shoals Blues G 116
Wilson Woogie Blues G 116
Rhymes with Mumba Blues G 120
Ode to Freddie Blues G 126
Swing Compin’ Blues G 212
Mo’ Blues Rock A 100
NYC Shuffle Blues Rock A 104
Very Berry Blues Rock A 138
Stone Berry Blues Rock A 144
Rock the Trio Blues Rock A 200
Funky Jeff Blues Rock B 128
They’ll be a Changes Blues Rock C 52
What’s Your Function Blues Rock C#m 192
Sleeveless T-Shirt Blues Rock Dm 108
Big Rockerlain Blues Rock E 72
Twister Blues Rock E 80
Clave Deloro Blues Rock E 108
Storm Rider Blues Rock E 108
Texas Blues Baby Blues Rock E 116
Straight On Blues Rock E 138
Hit Dog u0026amp; A Shake Blues Rock E 176
Groove Machine Blues Rock E 208
Dee Rock Blues Rock G 112
Lazy Freeway Blues Rock G 132
B’s Boogie Blues Rock G 208
Clouds Country D 96
By The Sea Country D 100
Outlaw Country D 100
Nashville Waltz Country D 104
San Fran Funk Funk A 88
Open to the Funk Funk Am 104
Herbie Melon Funk Bb 74
Ten Ton Seventh Funk Bm 113
Funky Riffer Funk C 113
Get Up Off Your Arse Funk C#m 110
Screamin’ Vinnie Funk C#m 127
Fuze Funk D 75
Hanky Chanky Funk D 115
Quirky Time Funk Dm 96
Delicadelic Funk E 70
The Funk Lick Jam Funk E 72
Play a Simple Lick Funk E 75
This is Hip Funk E 104
Presidente Funk Ebm 100
Prince Octavia Funk Em 90
Miracle Whip Funk Em 98
Sugar Coo Funk Em 110
Dynomite Funk Em 113
Off By a Pound Funk Em 113
Larry Champagne Funk F 100
Going Crazy Funk F#m 145
Dag Gonit Funk Gm 96
Groove Octllective Funk Gm 115
Native Eight Funk Gm 118
Good Ol’ Minor II-V Jazz Am 92
Bottom Bazooka Jazz Am 96
Mimi Strut Jazz Bb 108
Put Yo Hands Up 1 Jazz Bm 108
Put Yo Hands Up 2 Jazz Bm 120
Good Ol’ II-V Jazz C 84
Minor Mimi Jazz Cm 104
Foxey Modal Jazz Dm 168
Vignola’s Vibe Jazz Dm 168
Rim Shot Chunky Jazz E 120
Starksy u0026amp; Hutch Jazz Em 116
Dawn of the Living Funk Jazz F#m 80
Slow Demon Jazz Gm 100
Conga Stride Jazz Gm 152
Blue Rhumba Jump Blues C 138
Uptown Stomp Jump Blues C 160
Strat Cat Boogie Jump Blues C 175
Diver Down Metal Cm 83
Dunno Rhodes Metal Dm 143
Gunshot Trivia Metal Dm 114
Lynch Time Metal Dm 140
Mama Metal Eb 62
Sweeping Swede Metal Em 140
Jenkins Funk A 122
Caffeine Fusion A 136
Humpf Stride Jazz Ab 120
Dick Dale Surf Am 145
Piledriver Metal Am 150
Rockin’ The Stairway Rock Am 200
I Feela Nagila Klezmer B 172
Chunky Hollow Jazz Bb 135
Buck Rogers Swing Fusion Bb 175
Dig It Fusion Bm 75
Arachnid Fusion C 100
Cop Show Fusion C 133
Hep Cat Strut Jazz C 150
Faraquet Rock C 160
Henley Country Rock C 170
Antonio Carlos Bossa Cm 75
Satch Bells Slow Groove Cm 94
What Lady Ru0026amp;B Cm 122
Chewbacca Jazz Jazz Cm 135
Slickness Rock D 103
Southern Fried Southern Rock D 165
Hula Jazz Jazz D 135
Brick Town Funk Dm 106
Chugger Metal Dm 122
Surf N Turf Surf E 156
Fist Pumper Metal Em 80
Ill Nino Latin Rock Em 100
Hunk A Funk Funk F 97
Bouncing Stacy Rock F 147
Hunter Jazz Jazz G 135
The Slider Blues G 175
Thumbs Up Jazz G 175
Rockin’ The Fusion Rock Gm 80
Piquant Jazz Gm 150
On Point Rock A 120
Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Sunday Rock A 130
Semi-Automatic Rock A 200
Make Your Point Rock Am 100
Tapping 101 Rock Am 141
Rolling Hammers Rock B 140
Johnny B. Revolution Rock Bb 88
Ear Candy Rock Bm 130
Lament For Abba Rock Bm 200
Brown Eyed Mama Rock C 101
Dr. Hendrix Rock C 144
Dorian Jones Rock Cm 112
The Closer Rock D 110
Slippery Descent Rock D 115
I’m Beggin’ Ya Please Rock D 120
The Grits Rock D 120
Four on the Floor Rock E 144
Setzer Water Rock E 176
Big Time Jeff Rock E 184
Panamaniac Rock Em 100
Scramblin’ Screamer Rock Em 100
Ode to Jimi Rock F 90
Phishing for Herring Rock G 112
Blues Bender Rock G 115
EJ Stretches Rock G 125
Two Scheetz to the Wind Rock G 184
Chicken Wire Shuffle Rock G 208
Mind Boggler Rock Gm 141
Steady As She Goes Slow Groove Bb 66
Shufflocity Blues C 120
Synthetic Clavinetic Funk E 92
Strut Yo Stuff Ru0026amp;B E 104
Smooth Like Butta Slow Groove E 112
High Noon 1 Funk E 132
High Noon 2 Funk Em 112
Enchilada Latin F#m 96
Cool Rad Brad Jazz Gm 126
Fretless Foray Jazz Gm 138

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