Leonardo Lozano – Venezuelan Cuatro Player

Leonardo Lozano is one of the most amazing Venezuelan Cuatro players.  He studied arts and music in Caracas, Venezuela and then started his career as a Cuatro Professional, playing in and out the country.  He’s so passionate about the instrument that he created the first academic course for learning instrumental Cuatro, and he’s one of the first people in the world on arranging academic music on the Cuatro.

Here you can see how amazingly he has arranged to play instrumental music on this instrument, even with an orchestra!

Now that you’ve got a glimpse of this spectacular musician, we’ll publish a bio published by learnmusicworld.com in the context of  a master class he gave in  the Newman Center for the Performing Arts in 2011

Born in Venezuela, Leonardo Lozano studied solo cuatro with maestro Abundio López, and completed his Guitar Studies in the Conservatorio Nacional de Música “Juan José Landaeta,” under the tutelage of maestro Armando Cisneros in Caracas, Venezuela.

Leonardo Lozano received his Bachelor of Arts in Music, from the Universidad Central de Venezuela. In 1995 he recorded the CD, “Un Cuatro Peregrino” (United States). In April 2000 he debuted his “Passacaglia” written for cuatro and symphony orchestra, accompanied by the Orquesta Sinfónica Municipal Ciudad de Valencia, directed by maestro Jorge Castillo, the same year, Lozano composed and debuted the incidental music for the play “El Caballero de Pogolotti by Cuban author Héctor Quintero.

Since 1995 he has been part of a duo with pianist Coromoto Ramirez, composing the first pieces of chamber music written for cuatro and piano. He is head of the department of Cuatro Solista of the Conservatorio Nacional de Música “Juan José Landaeta.” As a performer, he has appeared in almost every State in Venezuela, as well as Ecuador, Chile (tour), the United States (tour), Austria, Italy, Germany, Argentina (tour), England and Colombia.

A recently released CD of the Rennaissance music of Italy, France and Spain, played on Venezuelan Cuatro, is currently available for sale in Japan. He is a professor of Classical Guitar at the Escuela de Música “Sebastian Echeverría” as well Cátedra de Guitarra “Alirio Diaz” in the Universidad de Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela. In May 2005 he debuted his “Antología Venezolana con Chipola” (for Venezuelan Cuatro and orchestra) with “Virtuosi de Caracas” under the direction of maestro Jaime Martínez. With the same director he has been invited to play his Venezuelan Cuatro concert, accompanied by “Orquesta Filarmónica Nacional” in the “Alirio Diaz” guitar competition.

In 2004 and 2005, he participated as performer and composer in tire prestigious festival “A Tempo tire city of Caracas, playing duets, in the last year, with pianist Sophia Valllant (France). Currently, together with Coromoto Ramírez, he is recording music originally written for piano and venezuelan cuatro.

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