Abraham Sarache

Abraham Sarache is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who is guided by all the feelings that music can explore. Experimental with unique folk instruments and different music genres, Abraham Sarache’s implementation of the Venezuelan Cuatro as a new tool for rock and metal music, shows a new path for alternative sounds.


-Awarded as first place on “Melómanos” Mel de Galicia’s music contest with the single “Just One Night”.
La Coruña, Spain – 2013

-Awarded as Best Alternative Hard Rock song by The Akademia Music Awards.
Los Angeles, USA – 2015

-First online course dedicated to the modernization of the Venezuelan Cuatro on world’s most extensive cuatro organization TuCuatro: Modernizing the Cuatro

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The Gardener – Album Release for 2016

The Gardener album features Abraham Sarache’s award winning hit single ‘Eyes of Fire’.

‘Eyes of Fire’ illustrates the pulsing, hard-rock ambitions of guitarist Abraham Sarache – to a feverishly affecting result.’ The Akademia

“The Crush: Eyes of Fire” – Abraham Sarache

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