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We can all collaborate at TuCuatro submitting lyrics and songs of our favorite tunes. If you already know how to play a song, just submit the lyrics and chords on this page so other people can learn how to play it. Go ahead and try it! Press the button below and submit your song. Once submitted, you’ll see it appearing at our main Song’s list.

* All songs are moderated and reviewed by a musician to corroborate the title, author and lyrics.

Submit your Song to TuCuatro

Time for action! Write the lyrics below and write the chords above each line. Just as simple as that! The TuCuatro magic system will do the rest and you’ll see the chord figures coming to life when the song is published.

La                 Mi7            Re
I’m in love with a beautiful girl,

La        Re La
I’ll buy her flowers and a mansion.

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