How to submit chords and lyrics to TuCuatro

We can all collaborate at TuCuatro and submit lyrics and chords of our favorite tunes. If you already know how to play a song, here you will be able to submit the lyrics and chords so other people can learn how to play it. Go ahead and try it! Press the button below and submit your song.

Once submitted, it will be availabe at our Song’s list page.

* All songs are moderated and reviewed by a musician to corroborate the title, author and lyrics.

Time for you to get to work! Write the lyrics below and write the chords above each line. Just as simple as that! The TuCuatro magic system will do the rest and you’ll see the chord figures coming to life when the song is published. If you want to read further instructions on how to write your chords and lyrics, scroll to the bottom of the page.

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Instructions to submit your chords and lyrics

It is very easy to submit chords and lyrics, just write them separate in two lines. The chords will automatically be converted into images and your song will be available for everybody to play. They can even select the musical instrument of their preference and see the chords figures for that specific instrument!

An example on how you can show chords and lyrics together is shown below. Notice that we’re spacing each chord to be on top of the word where it should be:

La                 Mi7            Re

I’m in love with a beautiful girl,

La        Re La

I’ll buy her flowers and a mansion.

Use your space bar to space the chords between the words. Our TuCuatro system will respect the spacing when transforming the chords into images.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact us using the form below:

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