The Cuatro: Rise of a better instrument

I’m not normally someone who wakes up before 7am but in rare situations. One of these situations was a few weeks ago when I had to travel to Ottawa for the day. It was 6 am and the bus was just taking the highway when I realized something I had not see in long time: The Sunshine!

The sun was just starting to light the road and its reflect was in almost every tree around. Because it was winter all trees were completely without leaves forming a skinny shadown in between the yellow and blue.

I just had started playing some Cuatro music, I like to listen to some songs every morning as they are normally very energetic, the cuatro itself is very vigorous and it is a good way of starting my days, but this time I had to search for some softer pieces to fully enjoy the special moment that sunshine was bringing to my eyes.

I started playing the following meanwhile I observed the houses on the road and how the light was starting to fill their windows.

  • Tonada de Luna Llena
  • Vals en Fa
  • Isn’t she lovely
  • Nuestras dos almas

The Cuatro is only starting to rise

The powerful sound of the cuatro on these songs makes you realize that this instrument has many advantages over the Ukulele. That deeper sound caused by the last string being tuned an octave lower, the reentrant tuning that makes you feel something different and special is happening when you hit the chords, the warm sensation when you play a chord with the second added. Those are some of the benefits of an instrument like the Cuatro.

I couldn’t stop thinking on how this instrument was made to conquer the world as the Ukulele did in its era. I know this is only the beginning of an impressive journey, but I’m already anxious to observe how the Cuatro will rise and fill the world with that exotic sound.

Meanwhile, let’s enjoy the sunshine…

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