The Modern Cuatro

New Teaching Methods

The Cuatro is no longer an instrument people keep hanging on their walls as an adornment. It is an instrument admired by many and has specific characteristics. The Cuatro player also has certain features. The Cuatro player is persistent, agile and can play from a nice and simple accompaniment to a soloist song with radical changes. All in good time of course!

Aside from this, there are new teaching methods and a wide range of resources available for learning how to play the Cuatro. We here at TuCuatro offer a well-structured approach to teaching aspiring students using modern academic methods and technology. We combine images, video, audio, and written methods of delivery along with the option for students to participate in periodic Live Classes & Seminars.

TuCuatro is the first provider of Live Online lessons in the history of the Cuatro.

An Elite Instrument

The modern Cuatro is what we refer to as what people are doing with the Cuatro nowadays. How has it been discovered and used by artists and how it is increasing in popularity as an elite instrument. If you can play the Cuatro…. you’re not far off from being able to play other string instruments with ease.

Check out what can be done with the Cuatro and start to think about what you would like to get out of it.

Plugged Evolution

The guitar made some pretty unusual steps when they had first introduced the electric guitar. This was a fundamental revolution of the way we play and listen to music. Well, with the Cuatro its no different, there is a current boom of electric cuatros, and musicians are checking them out to see what they can bring to their world. It is just the beginning, but as these instruments continue to find their way in the hands of known musicians, they will continue to flourish!

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Would you like to play a song?

TuCuatro has a lovely collection of lyrics and chords for the most famous songs there are. Give it a try and click on one of them below:

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