The TuCuatro Methodology

TuCuatro uses a modular methodology with our curriculum. The lessons are divided into sections or modules of 2-4 lessons each and all sections must be completed in chronological order. At the end of each lesson, there will be a series of questions that would need to be answered prior to moving forward to the next lesson. The curriculum being offered starts from the very basics of the Cuatro and moves up until advanced techniques and pieces. The recommendation is to spend at least 2 weeks per module.

Each module consists of 3-4 lessons and although this may not seem like a lot, it is plenty to practice and master within 2 weeks (potentially aside from the very first introductory lessons). Each module will consist of chords, techniques, rhythms, theory, and finally a song. This way, you are learning all individual components and songs while doing it. After all, we learn how to play instruments to play songs…..that’s what it’s all about! It is proven that the best learning takes place when getting to know as many songs as possible. Remember, we provide the tools but it is up to the student how much he or she would like to advance. TuCuatro provides an organized method of learning which differs from any other site relating to the Cuatro on the net. In fact, we are the only online institution that offers structured lessons for the Cuatro!

Throughout your experience, you have the opportunity to ask questions to our renowned group of Cuatro teachers and receive feedback on your uploaded performance. Your personal profile allows you to upload videos of your progress or questions which will all be answered with tips and guidance. You can also seek support in the Cuatro community. Keep an eye out for our live sessions which you will be invited to periodically as an addition to your Cuatro experience. Typically the live sessions are a follow on as they are with presently learning students, but you are more than welcome to join!

After all, we are here to learn!

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