A quick tip to get better and master your instrument

If you’re serious about learning to play the instrument you love, you should know that there’s a quick tip that will help you get where you want.

Whenever you’re learning something new, you normally don’t do it right the first time you try, but with practice you get better and better.  The only problem is that somethings if you practice a lot, you will get used to the sound you’re producing and will be difficult to detect any mistake you learnt meanwhile you were trying to master a technique.

That’s why it’s very handy to record videos whenever you’re practicing, specially at the beginning of your practice, as you will be able to obtain two main benefits out of it:

  1. You will be able to listen to yourself after, so detecting any mistakes that could go unnoticed meanwhile you’re playing.
  2. You will compare your own recording in a few weeks or monthsand have a clear idea of your progress.


There’s a third benefit, which is that whenever you listen to something you recorded a few while ago, it usually sounds very bad compared to how you play it now, so you’ll bump your ego up a little bit by recognizing how far have you go.

By the way, it doesn’t really matters if you can record with a good quality mic or not, just use your phone or whaever technology you have by hand.

Normally when you´re playing, you´ll have a hard time listening to yourself, so may be if you´re doing something wrong, you wouldn´t notice.  So recording yourself when practicing is, for sure, one of the best things you can do for improving your technique on the Cuatro.

If you´re serious about it, do it, listen to yourself and take care of those things you don´t like about your playing.

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