Parts of the Cuatro

Get to know your Cuatro. This lesson explains the different parts of the Cuatro. It is important to be able to describe your instrument and also to get to know it. Each Cuatro has specific characteristics and attributes. By using these features, you will be able to orientate yourself on your instrument. So if on the 8th fret there is a crack or a spot of wood which has a different color, you can use that as a reference.

Know the instrument you play and love your instrument!


This is the head of the instrument where the strings are tightened. There are several different styles of headstock used depending on the type of tuner


Pegs used to tune the strings individually. By turning the tuners it is possible to tune the strings (try not to tighten the strings too much….the strings may break!)


Typically a bone or plastic piece separating the headstock from the neck. The strings rest on this piece and are tense as they stay about 2 millimeters above from the neck


Four strings for the Cuatro used for producing the sound of the instrument.


The area where the strings are pressed to play different notes or to mark chords with.


Metal pieces which separate distances on the neck of the Cuatro. Each fret represents one semitone.

Sound Hole

Here is where the sound comes from whilst plucking the strings or strumming


The section of the Cuatro where the strings are anchored. When changing the strings and placing new ones on the Cuatro, they first must be connected and fastened to the bridge.


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  1. David Cadd

    Hola Adrian. I have been have a look around TuCuatro this afternoon – it a wet and windy day here in Long Buckby! Having played the guitar for over 40 years I am fairly confident with chords – altho’ the unique voicing of the cuatro is much more different. I am fascinated by the rhythms of the cuatro – so complex! One observation on your videos is it may be helpful, when displaying the rhythm, to show the chords used – like you do at 42 s of the Rock rhythm video. Do you know there is a high pitch noise from 23-73 sec through the Tuning video? And finally you may like to update your map of the locations where the cuatro is played. Of course there is me – but there is also a top folk group in the UK called Show of Hands. You might like to look at them on You Tube.

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