Ukulele Tuner

To tune your Ukulele, it is necessary to know the notes that are produced by each string when it is strummed open. On a standard Ukulele, the strings are tuned to the notes G, C, E, and A, starting from the top string and going to the bottom. Use our Tuner App below to compare the notes with your Ukulele strings:


Tune your Ukulele with this handy video and get ready to play thousand of songs with your Ukulele.

The Ukulele Strings are tuned in the following order:

  • G = Sol
  • C = Do
  • E = Mi
  • A = La

In TuCuatro, you will find songs with lyrics and chords for Ukulele to play and learn for free. Navigate our website to find lessons, courses, and material on how to play the Ukulele. For example, this lesson on how to tune the Ukulele.

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