TuCuatro brings more musical instruments to the family!

TuCuatro releases a multi-instrument feature.

Today we’re releasing a new tool to help you learn these songs that you love, using your favorite musical instrument. Now for each song at TuCuatro you will be able to select and change the instrument and see, in real-time, the song’s chords for that specific musical instrument.

Learning chords for songs has never been easier! The instrument selector will be visible on every song on our website. You can test it by accessing any song, for example, the famous Elvis Presley’s song: Can’t help falling in love, or you can also try Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

The instrument selector looks like this:

Once you select the instrument you want, you’ll see all chords at the song transforming in real-time. We’ve color-coded them so you will always know if you’re visualizing chords for the correct instrument, the colors are the following for Guitar, Ukulele, Brazilian Cavaquinho, or Cuatro. For example, an excerpt of Hotel California would look like this for guitar:

We hope you enjoy the experience and are able to learn more and more songs with your favorite musical instrument.

Would you prefer to sing?

Our multi-instrument feature also comes with the option of turning off all chords for any song, so you can focus on the lyrics instead. This way you don’t have to learn a musical instrument but just play the video, follow along and sing.

So, head to the Songs Section and pick one you would like to learn!