What’s the difference between an Ukulele and a Cuatro

So you discovered an instrument called Cuatro and probably know about its resemblance to the Ukulele. The similarities are indeed numerous, but there’s a spectacular difference: In contrast to the Ukulele, the Cuatro’s fourth and last string is tuned to an octave lower, almost as low as the first string. This allows for a wider range of melodies and solos to be played on the Cuatro, and gives the instrument a deeper, more vibrant sound. The Cuatro is worth exploring if you are interested in trying a new string instrument or want to add a unique sound to your musical repertoire.

Ukulele. From Wikipedia
Ukulele.  Wikipedia
Traditional Cuatro

One of the main differences is how melodies and solos are produced on the Cuatro. Unlike the Ukulele, where melodies are typically played on the fourth or highest-pitched string, on the Cuatro, all melodies and solos are produced by the third string. This gives the Cuatro a distinct sound and allows for a different range of melodies and solos to be played on the instrument.

Because of the unique way melodies are produced on the Cuatro, it requires a different playing style and technique than other string instruments, such as the Ukulele. This makes the Cuatro a challenging but rewarding instrument to learn and master.

A fair comparison between the Cuatro and Ukulele is listed below:

  • The Ukulele and the Cuatro share a similar rhythm strumming technique.
  • The Ukulele and the Cuatro both use nylon strings.
  • The Ukulele and Cuatro share the same tuning pattern but different primary tones: The Ukulele is usually tuned starting with the G note, while the Cuatro is tuned starting with the A note.
  • In both instruments, you can place your finger the same way to produce chords, but they will sound different because of the tuning.
  • There are four different Ukulele sizes as there’s only one Cuatro size (similar to the Ukulele Baritone)

In conclusion, the Cuatro offers the unique opportunity to play an instrument similar to the Ukulele but with a deeper and more vibrant sound. This is made possible by the Cuatro’s reentrant tuning, which allows for a broader range of melodies and solos to be played on the instrument.

Whether you are a beginner looking to try a new string instrument or an experienced musician looking to add a unique sound to your repertoire, the Cuatro is an excellent choice. Its rich history and cultural significance make it a fascinating instrument to learn and play, and its versatility allows it to be used in various musical styles.

So why not give the Cuatro a try and discover the many possibilities it has to offer?

Any other difference between the Cuatro and Ukulele?

Besides the physical differences, there’s also an essential factor to consider when playing a Cuatro. The Cuatro strumming is based on a technique called “upward chunk”, which is, in most cases, not known or used by Ukulele players. This is because the Cuatro is used in music genres that are played in 3/4, where you’ll complete a chunk per measure, but for every two measures, there will be a chunk down and then a chunk up.

This technique pursues the imitation of a percussive instrument while playing the chords. So, the Cuatro is very different in this regard: it is used in harmonic and percussive ways.

Where to buy a Ukulele?

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Where to buy a Cuatro?

Buying a Cuatro is a bit more complex, as the musical instrument comes from South America, where access to luthiers and cuatro makers is a bit more cumbersome. For this reason, we’ve created the TuCuatro Store, where we offer and deliver to your home a Venezuelan Cuatro; just visit the store and select the instrument you would like to purchase, and we’ll take care of contacting the luthier for you, selecting the cuatro, do a sound test and package it for you to receive it at your address.

How to start playing the cuatro?

The first thing to start playing a Cuatro is to learn how to tune it. We can teach you all the basic aspects of a cuatro, including the particular reentrant tuning on our Basic Cuatro Courses page. TuCuatro has plenty of courses available for you, all free and available for you right now. Head to our Cuatro and Bandola Courses Page and select the course you want to start right now.

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