Is the cuatro only used in South America?

All this talk about the Cuatro’s presence in South America. Believe us; it is not the only place! Many interpretations of music are made across the globe, and this will continue to grow. YouTube is bringing us all closer, and we invite everyone to play with TuCuatro, share your progression and your music. Have a look at this Japanese band playing with the Cuatro…..how did it ever get there?

Japanese Musicians Playing Gaita


Japanese Musicians Playing Alma Llanera

Like modern bands using incredible instruments? How about King Chango? Great group, plays Ska and uses the Cuatro….listen to this song!

King Chango

More and more are we beginning to see people pick up the Cuatro and interpret their favorite songs.

Natural to Be Gone

What do we hope for? Someone like Pearl Jam lead singer Eddy Vedder to come along and use the Cuatro just the way he did to create a whole album using only the Ukulele. Let’s see which international music legend will pick it up first!

What kind of music will you play with the Cuatro? Anything is possible!