Yesterday – The Beatles (Cuatro Cover)

The Beatle´s song Yesterday is one of the most recorded songs ever.  There´s even a Guinness record about the song.  More than 1600 covers had been made until 1986.

So, it´s no wonder that there´s a cover for the Venezuelan Cuatro.   Now, this cover may be a little bit special because was entirely created and played by a 15 years old venezuelan boy called Marcel Montcourt.

So what you´re about to listen is pure inspiration from a boy born in 1994.  Prepare yourself and enjoy the sound of a spectacular instrument in hands of a really great cuatro player:


Marcel started his musician career in 2005, at only 11 years old.  And right now he has more than 100 covers published, most of them covers of venezuelan songs.

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