Now you will be able to buy your Bandola online!

Bandola Llanera. Créditos: TuCuatro / Torrense
Bandola Llanera. Créditos: TuCuatro / Torrense

The bandola is a very special instrument from los Llanos, a sector between Venezuela and Colombia.

Until now it would be almost impossible to get a Bandola, as you have to know bandola makers or be connected to people that lives in the areas surrounding, so they could go and buy one for you.

TuCuatro is now presenting the very first method to buy a Bandola online.  We do all the hard work os selecting the best bandolas available for you to buy with confidence online.

The bandola we are offering to you is of a very special quality, made with Cedar and Pine, and are ideal learn, practice and play.


Bandola Package Specifications

The Bandola Package offered by TuCuatro includes:


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How to buy a Customized Bandola?

We are offering Bandolas made by renowned luthiers in Venezuela guaranteeing an authenticity of 100%.  Upon ordering, TuCuatro will monitor the process and review the instrument once is done to guarantee perfect quality.   Once the construction has been completed, TuCuatro will prepare the bandola for shipping in our customized packaging for maximum protection during the shipment and dispatch it directly to your home address anywhere in the world!

Interested in having your first custom Bandola? Contact us for a quote and additional details.


Why buy a Bandola with TuCuatro?

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