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TuCuatro is the only site where people can learn how to play exotic musical instruments. Pick a Cuatro, Bandola, or another exotic instrument course from our extensive courses list below. You’ll gain access for free to a set of materials, videos, lessons, and tips curated by our roaster of professional musicians.

Each course is carefully designed for the best learning by a “Cuatrista.”  The term cuatrista refers to a musician that plays the Cuatro professionally. Therefore, each cuatrista has been able to construct his lessons and material in a way that helps the learning of the musical instrument. 

In conclusion, teachers have made the cuatro courses available at our TuCuatro site free!

All Musical Instrument Courses

Our professional Cuatristas have developed all courses from scratch. Each of the courses focuses on how to learn to play the Venezuelan Cuatro. You will also find courses for exotic musical instruments like the Bandola and Maracas.

Start by clicking the course you consider most to adapt to your needs as a student. After that, you will be guided on how to navigate through the cuatro course’s lessons. You can always track the progress of your courses in your account. 


Want to learn songs?

TuCuatro has a solid selection of songs for you to navigate and learn. Our musicians and teacher have personally created these with chords for Guitar, Ukulele, Cuatro, and Cavaquino for all students and enthusiasts to enjoy. We invite you to access the vast library of songs made explicitly for these musical instruments at our Song’s website and our partner site micuatro.com

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TuCuatro is on a quest to create the most extensive library of resources ever made for exotic and folkloric musical instruments. Read more about our team, mission, and how TuCuatro wants to create the most extensive list of resources for the Venezuelan Cuatro.

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Associates, luthiers, musicians, and partners of TuCuatro are working very hard to increase the reach of our favorite musical instruments. If you have any questions or want to contact us for more details, please fill out the following form.

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Would you like to play a song?

TuCuatro has a lovely collection of lyrics and chords for the most famous songs there are. Give it a try and click on one of them below:


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