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Finding a Cuatro Chord

Navigate our Cuatro Chord library and find the chord you want to learn
To be able to find a chord, just select the base or main chord and then select a variation (major, minor, sixth, seventh and other combinations). The chord will automatically appear on the screen after you select it.

The most used cuatro chords are made with the major, minor and seventh, but feel free to try some different combinations whenever you’re playing a song. For example, you could try E minor sixth instead of E minor, or D major seventh instead of D major. Feel free to play with them and see which one sounds good when used as a substitution.

Discover how to use these chords in your songs

Trough our TuCuatro Courses we teach how to apply most of the chord’s combinations to the cuatro. To get a deeper knowledge on how to apply these chords and play songs we recommend you visit and select one of our Specific Courses.


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